Welcome to the website of David Phillips, Tourism Strategist, based upon Australia’s spectacular Gold Coast.

Tourism is a massive, global business driving an estimated 1.035 billion worldwide international visitor arrivals in 2012. Tourism delivers approximately US $1.3 trillion in export earnings to recipient countries, and around 4% annual growth is expected over the next few years.

In Australia, some six million visitors arrive from overseas each year. Here, tourism accounts for $41b of Australia’s GDP, and employs over 530,000 people.

In the sunshine state of Queensland, visitor expenditure amounts to an estimated $60 million per day, employs 136,000 locals and is worth a total of $22 billion to the state economy.

Need I say more ? Tourism is a potent force for peace, understanding, equality and friendship – perhaps its’ most urgent role in this turbulent world.

But a thriving, diversified and sustainable tourism industry (visitor economy) is invariably the result of carefully crafted strategic plans – at the destinational or community level and, as importantly, by every tourism business and product. Such strategies need to include:

  • Planning and development
  • The environment and social impacts
  • Visitor access and infrastructure
  • Marketing and sales
  • Product presentation and customer service

My mission is to professionally assist, with strategies, any public or private sector organization, great or small, dedicated to the development of tourism – be it recreation or business travel based.